The London Swinton Circle
For Traditional Conservatism and Unionism

The London Swinton Circle was founded in 1961. Its original membership was composed solely of those who had attended Conservative Party training schools at Swinton Castle in Yorkshire, and who wished to maintain contact with each other through regular meetings in London. Since that time, however, the London Swinton Circle has expanded its membership, and now welcomes members from all backgrounds who support traditional Conservative and Unionist principles.

The Circle holds regular meetings which are addressed by speakers on issues of interest to the Circle. Over the years the Circle has been addressed by members of
the Conservative Party, the United Kingdom Independence Party and from the Ulster Unionist parties. The Circle has also been addressed by a number of authors, journalists, campaigners and other political commentators.

The Circle welcomed Dr Liam Fox MP to its meeting on 20 October. Dr Fox
addressed the following key issues:
  • The National Debt and its implications for us and for future generations
  • The In/Out referendum and the Euro
  • The dangers posed by Russia and Isis, and the lack of will in the West to confront the dangers before us
  • Conservative prospects at the next General Election
Dr Fox has published a book Rising Tides which we recommend to all.

Forthcoming Meetings

Our next meeting will be in November. Full details will be circulated to members.


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We urge you to contact regularly your MP and demand that they take action on the issues that affect you and your country.  Never be deterred if you encounter indifference, cynical political correctness, or even anti-democratic derision, always remind them that they are there to represent you, and that they are only there because people like you elected them. And always remember, we the taxpayer are paying their wages and expenses, so make those politicians earn those ill-gotten gains.

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